Friday, 21 September 2012

Top most wanted skills

We asked 22 employers in Computer Science related industries what their top skills would be. Here they are:

  • Dependability*
  • Commitment*
  • Enthusiasm/Willingness to learn*
  • Work Ethic*
  • Cooperation
  • Timekeeping/Punctuality
  • Adaptability
  • Planning/Organisation
  • Problem solving*
  • Team working
  • Understanding of concepts*

But what do the students thing are important? We asked some first year students in the Computer Science department. Reassuringly, there were some overlap skills (indicated by *).




So what about the skills that didn't seem so important to students but are to employers? We could promote the need for timekeeping (don't be late to lectures!). Challenging courses can keep them on their toes and improve adaptability. What about that old favourite "planning and organisation"..usually a challenge for most working people! This week my 9 year old son had a lesson in planning and organisation-- getting up at the crack of dawn for emergency homework sessions are no fun. What about students? We can help them by not cramming all assessments right at the last week of term but this is a skill that they need to learn from a very young my son found out this week.


  1. As a part of Ethical Hackathon preperations after a long brainstorming with Jack Talbot from Epistemy we've came up with this list and a podcast:

    15 skills that will increase your employability!

    1. Awesome.

      Here they are as a list for my readers:
      1. Creating products for specific user group
      2. Building on existing infrastructure
      3. Designing experience, flow and interaction
      4. Making consistent visual and aesthetics
      5. Showing imagination, initiative, entrepreneurship
      6. Communicating to non-technical crowd
      7. Producing promotional materials and podcasts
      8. Having in mind manuals and trainings
      9. Doing things at low or no cost
      10. Business plan, attracting funding
      11. Division of tasks in a team
      12. Solving tensions and problems within a team
      13. Tackling choices and problems under pressure
      14. Accepting uncertainty of requirements
      15. Experiencing wrapping up, polishing and finishing